The first results of the the istalled household scale CHP unit base on a biomass gasification

The istallation of household scale CHP unit in the Outer Hebrides os Scotland.


The BioGen Wood Log Power and Heat Solutions system, based on the gasification of biomass, was installed in Scotland in a Blackhouse. The idea is to measure energy production with diffrenttent types os RES locally available. Before sendind it to Scotland, the equipment was tested in Nivala in the own build test rig.

In common with homes across the Highlands and Islands there is no plant room, which necessitated building an outbuilding that served as this. As the pressure of the system was higher than previously used in the building, a new wet central heating system had to be installed. Therefore, the whole system was plumbed to suit, rather than ‘plug and play’ through simply connecting the boiler to the existing system. The total installation (site preparation, plumbing, wiring and attaching a new flue and chimney) took about 10 days. Issues around connecting to a battery system and inverter took longer than anticipated, with Lews Castle College UHI electrical engineers participating. A true collaboration between partner.