Outputs and Results

Output 1. The Open Source development of Combined Heat and Power plants using Solid Fuel renewables (SF-CHP)

Promote and optimize reliable, sustainable and affordable small-scale heat and power supply solutions for households in remote and low population density areas with extreme climates.

  • Provides efficient heat and affordable power,
  • Maximising use of renewable fuel available in local communities, 
  • Promotes self-sufficiency and strengthens energy supply through improved resilience and lowers demand in remote weak grid areas,
  • Establish open source community for developing CHP-plants,

    • Do you want to participate in development work? Please contact us

Output 2. Alternative Fuels and Gasification

Small scale CHP can be run on solid fuel by first converting the solid fuel into combustible gas so called syngas. Syngas is generated by a gasification process where the solid fuel like wood and paper waste is heated up (>700 °C).

  • An internal combustion engine modified to run on syngas connected to a generator for producing electricity.
  • In this project the engine and the generator will be added to the GEK gasifier kit owned by the University of Iceland.
  • The domestic hot water is generated from the coolant (90-100°C) but can be raised somewhat by using the exhaust heat.
  • A preprocessing solution of paper and wood waste for gasification will be developed.

Output 3. Increased use of renewable energy in housing...

...in the remote and sparsely populated areas

The project develops CHP to increase the use of biomass from renewable sources by remote communities, using locally sourced appropriate fuels as part of the renewable energy utilization. This will stimulate and help develop the set-up of local fuel supply chain and industries to support this. The CHP system can be part of a wider, regional energy production and is integrated with other energy generating sources like wind power and solar energy.

Output 4. Increased awareness of the small-scale renewable energy solutions...

...suitable for the program area H-CHP is principally promotes biomass heat and power system for the NPA area. The project develops forums, tools and mechanisms to increase awareness of small scale renewable energy potential solutions across the programme area and beyond.