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H-CHP Webinar November 2020

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H-CHP Webinar 2nd November 2020 - Documentation

H-CHP Workshops for Professionals

Workshops were held in Oulu-Finland, Lulea-Sweden, Donegal-Ireland, Reykjavik-Iceland, Stornoway-Western Isles Scotland. The purpose of our workshops is to raise awareness of Household Combined Heat and Power (H-CHP) and to engage with stakeholders. Professional stakeholders were able to gain an understanding of H-CHP, feed into the programme and support its development. We aim to engage those with an interest in CHP at a household and community level, considering energy production and reduction in the home, use of biofuels, synthetic gas and promote new and current supply chains.

Test report of the domestic-scale wood log gasifier CHP

The wood log gasifier with the Stirling generator was tested with different types of biomass. The CHP unit produces 20 kW of heat and 1 kW of electricity at the maximum power. It gasifies wood logs and burns the syngas (wood gas) above the hot end of the Stirling generator. Otherwise the system is basically a traditional wood boiler producing hot water for heating. The system installed in the traditional blackhouse in Stornoway, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. It is in a daily base use.

Special thanks to Gerwin Lubbers and Arto Rautevaara for your help and support!

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The first test trials of the wood log gasifier CHP unit

The first trials of the wood log CHP unit took a place in Nivala. The customized test rig was manufactured for trials. The CHP unit has the 20 kW heat boiler and the 1 KW Stirling generator beneath for producing electricity. The system is based on igniting gasified wood gas just on the top of the Stirling engine, while the other end of the engine is cooled with disttilled water. At the trials maximum electricty output was 640W at the full power.

Charles Roarty visited Aranmore Island Jan 18 and Louisburgh Community Futures Sept. 18

Summer Time 2018

Thurso Conference May 2018

Tighean Innse Galls’ Brian Whitington addressed the conference, Local Opportunities through Nordic Cooperation, held in Thurso, Scotland on 24th May 2018. His address was on the benefits of H-CHP and how northern periphery area partnership is achieving this. Of interest to the conference was the development of supply chains, and how this will stimulate economic development across the region, in particular to the Highlands and Islands and supply of biomass.

European Energy Poverty Conference - 29th March 2018 - Hosted by Energy Action, Ireland

Project meeting of H-CHP group in Lulea, Sweden - March 2018

Project meeting of H-CHP group in Oulu, Finland - August 2017

Project meeting of H-CHP group in Reykjavik, Iceland - November 2016