About the Project

The H-CHP project aims to increase energy efficiency and accelerate the adoption of renewable and sustainable energy solutions in the region. There is a specific focus on individual rural households with low population density and low accessibility to affordable energy. Domestic dwelling in sparsely populated areas are subject to unpredictable power interruptions. The proposed solution will:

  • guarantee electricity during peak heat demand periods,
  • place less strain on grids,
  • reduce demand spikes and
  • smooth the generation profile from power stations.

The purpose of the project is to promote the uptake of CHP (Combined Heat and Power) in the NPA region using solid renewable biomass and gasification methods that will be appropriate for remote households. The available fuel is mainly solid which is unsuitable for existing gas CHP. A new affordable solution is proposed that uses local renewable solid biofuel in a small-scale micro CHP system.

The project will pool the efforts of the transnational partners to develop a technological solution applicable to all with manufacturing, testing and piloting shared across the area.


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