Join our open-source community!

We warmly welcome you all to join in our open-source community to develop micro-scale CHPs! During the project, we have been tested steam-, stirling- and tesla-based solution for generating electricity from heat.

We know our limitations, but we are also optimistic - we need you!. So far commercial CHP plants using renewable biomass in a domestic scale have been rare. We have seen several attempts but several bankrupts as well unfortunately. For getting the micro-scale CHPs to the reasonable price level, we need to co-operate and to share our ideas widely. There exist several open-source communities for designers sharing their 3D-models and user experiences for free for example, where you can find our models as well. The same applies to software. There exist need for CHPs using renewable fuels, not just in rural areas but all areas, where is a need for heating premises. Although electricity mainly comes as by product from heat in this scale CHPs, it is useful especially when power blackout strikes. You can find our 3D-models on this website as well. Feel free to adapt and develop our models further on! Do not hesitate to contact us and let's keep in touch!