Household scale CHP unit istalled in Scotland - Outer Hebrides

The Microgen CHP system was installed in a blackhouse, Knock, Isle of Lewis as part of the NPA H-CHP project. The extension to the building was constructed to house the unit and the associated components.

The household-scale CHP plant produce electricity and heat at the maximum rate of 20kW of heat and 1kW of electricity which is stored to battery pack when there is no need for heating the house. The CHP burns wood logs. In the house installed water-circulating radiators. The system was tested and adjusted in Nivala, Finland before sending it to Scotland to be installed in a really daily base use.

End user statement!

"We have been burning peat in the blackhouse stove for many years and were happy with it, though it was inconvenient at times and resulted in significant carbon emissions. But when the biomass CHP system was installed last year, we saw a big improvement in performance with far more efficient heating, and we are happier in the knowledge that the fuel we use is renewable and causes no environmental harm. An additional benefit is that the system generates electricity along with the heat. As this is stored in batteries, we are now unaffected by the power cuts that frequently happen in winter on Lewis. Overall, we are happy with the system and expect it will be widely adopted as the price drops once the devices are mass-produced."