6th H-CHP Partners meeting, in Reykjavík, Iceland, 17th-20th February 2020

The sixth H-CHP partner project meeting took place in Reykjavik,Iceland. Pictures show the integrated gasification unit at the University of Iceland on a trailer.

We have the system portable in order to be able to visit stakeholders for demonstration and promotional purposes. The following is a short description of how the system works. The syngas from the gasifier is led into the bottom of the feeder to both cool down the gas and heat up the feedstock before it enters the gasifier. The gas is then run through a coal filter before allowed into an Internal combustion engine (A Vortec industrial engine). The engine drives a generator that provides 15kW electricity (3-phases). The cooling water from the engine is run through a heat exchanger to heat up cold water. The system can provide up to 20 kW of heat. The exhaust from the engine is led into the gasifier to use the waste heat.

The meeting was also the our last in perosn meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic.